Our Credentials

Certifications are more than just pieces of paper and icons.



We’re in the business of safety and safety means trust. As a business, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that we’re at the leading edge of scaffolding safety when it comes to understanding and assessing and mitigating any onsite risks.

People all too often look at but don’t ‘see’ the accreditations that a business has worked hard to accrue.

Why are scaffolding credentials important?

Credentials quickly validate that we have met a high standard of specific requirements, such as completing education, training programs, or gaining relevant experience in the industry. They provide assurance that the individuals and businesses involved possess the necessary knowledge and skills in their respective areas of expertise.

Credentials also follow established standards set by professional organizations, regulatory bodies, and educational institutions. These standards ensure that we meet specific criteria and adhere to a certain level of quality and professionalism

Some certifications also require ongoing education or professional development to maintain their validity and this encourages us to never sit on our laurels but to stay updated with advancements in scaffolding and ensures that our knowledge and skills remain current and relevant.

That’s why FallProof (and its people) are either accredited or hold the following certifications: 

  • SITE SAFE – An online prequalification system that grades contractors’ health and safety capability.
  • SARNZ recognition – SARNZ works closely with government agencies to ensure that standards and regulations are fit for purpose and assess and supply certifications of scaffolding and rigging competence. 
  • SITE WISE – SiteWise is a system for prequalifying contractors based on their health and safety capabilities. It assigns a grade to contractors and makes this grade accessible in a database that can be viewed by main contractors and principal organizations.
  • Event Sustainability Management Systems ISO: 20021:2002 – the ISO: 20021 standard adopts a management systems approach to effectively organize sustainable events. It offers a structured framework to assess the possible adverse social, economic, and environmental consequences of such events so by utilizing this framework, organizers can identify and mitigate these negative impacts through enhanced planning and streamlined processes.
  • Accredited immigration employer – as an accredited immigration employer, FallProof meets or exceeds all New Zealand employment standards. It also means that FallProof is able to source highly skilled workers who can introduce new skills (or experience with new equipment and methodology) into the New Zealand scaffolding market.
  • FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Trainers) – FASET is the established trade association and training body for the safety net rigging and temporary safety systems industry.

We take our business and its accreditations seriously and that’s why you can trust us with your safety and safety of those on your sites.


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