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Do you need safety nets on your site?



Do you need safety nets on your work site?

FallProof safety nets are an essential safety measure on construction sites to reduce preventable injuries and fatalities from falls. They are typically used as a form of collective fall protection to protect multiple workers at the same time rather than an individualised form of fall protection.

Safety nets should be used on construction sites for multiple reasons.  

  • Safety nets provide a passive safety system that works continuously to protect workers, even when they are not actively paying attention to their safety (even when they should be!).
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Improved productivity by providing a safe working environment. The added level of security gives your employees peace of mind and indicates that you take their health and safety seriously.
  • Reduce costs. Safety net options may be more cost-effective than other fall arrest alternatives. They can also be set up relatively quickly, potentially reducing downtime and disturbance on your site.

Overall, safety nets are an essential safety measure that can help protect workers, increase productivity, and reduce costs on construction sites.

Safety nets should only be installed by trained professionals familiar with the appropriate installation techniques and safety standards. FallProof have an experienced and FASET-certified team of trained safety net installers, and we have recently expanded our team to ensure that we can give you and your business the fast and reliable service turnaround that it deserves. Our top-quality nets are electronically monitored to ensure they are fit for use, and we conduct weekly checks to comply with Work Safe best practices.

We can help with all your scaffolding requirements throughout the Otago and Southland regions (with presences in Wanaka, Queenstown, Cromwell, Dunedin and Invercargill).

We here at FallProof understand that downtime on your site is added pressure and costs you don’t need. When you call, you can expect helpful, professional advice and highly competent time-sensitive assistance that works within your timeframe and budget.

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