Building Shrink Wrapping

Building shrink wrap provides a complete protection solution to protect any project from the elements.



We consider ourselves the premier provider of scaffolding equipment in today’s market and in addition to elite scaffolding solutions, we also offer options that make your life easier.

We can provide building wraps in addition to top-quality scaffolding equipment: Building wraps are a weatherproof material used to cover (wrap) the exterior of buildings, scaffolding, or construction sites. They can serve various purposes, including:

Street appeal: In areas where construction or renovation is taking place, a building wrap can improve the visual appeal, masking the more unsightly aspects of construction, especially if the site is viewable by the public.

Privacy: In some scenarios, building wraps might provide privacy to the building occupants or hide construction activity from public view. The increased privacy also ensures that the site is less likely to be broken into if potential thieves cannot assess the value of items or fixtures and fittings on the targeted site.

Thieves are also far less likely to attempt to penetrate a construction site that has been secured using building wrap.

Protection: A weatherproof wrap offers protection from the elements and provides a safer, cleaner and warmer construction environment for staff.  Building wrap keeps out rain and snow and cuts wind during the cooler months. It provides shade, cutting out harmful UV rays during the warmer months. The South Island (obviously the most attractive New Zealand island!) also has some of the harshest weather conditions so the value of weather protection should not be underestimated. Your staff will thank you for it.

Cost control: Your team can begin working on the interior as soon as the wrap goes up. That means a wrap can reduce downtime and overruns on your worksite. 

FallProof is a comprehensive scaffolding engineering firm that oversees every aspect of scaffolding system procedures, from design and equipment leasing to set up, examination, and upkeep. Our extensive offerings also cover safety nets, climatic safeguards, and perimeter protection, guaranteeing a safe setting for all your construction endeavours.

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